'INDO-CHINE ET ARCHIPEL D'ASIE' by Jean Migeon c.1899

'INDO-CHINE ET ARCHIPEL D'ASIE' by Jean Migeon c.1899
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A very attractive and detailed late 19th century map of Indo-China and the East Indies, with a decorative vignette view of the Government Palace in Saigon, which was published in Geographie Universelle, Atlas Migeon (Paris: J. Migeon, 1889)

  • This is an original lithographic transfer (taken from an engraving)
  • Printed area is approximately 42.3cms by 33.8cms (including imprint).
  • The map is in very good condition with excellent margins. There is a split in the bottom of the fold which is well away from the printed area. Click on image for a better view.
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  • Guaranteed to be over 125 years old.