‘BRITANNIA prout divisa suit temporibus ANGLO-SAXONUM… HEPTARCHIA.’ by Joan Blaeu c.1645-1648 (Latin Text Edition)


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A very attractive, finely engraved and suberbly hand coloured 17th century Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy map which was published in Joan Blaeu’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Sive Atlas Novus (Amsterdam: Latin Text Edition, 1645-1646, 1648).

Generally regarded as one of the finest maps produced in the 17th century, Blaeu’s Heptarchy depicts Britain during the Anglo-Saxon period when England was divided into seven different kingdoms (Kent, Sussex, Wessex, Essex, East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbria). The elaborate panels, which flank the map on either side, are very much in the style of 17th century Dutch miniature painting. The left panel depicts the founders of each kingdom whereas the right shows the moment when christianity was adopted; interestingly, in the case of East Anglia and Mercia, this was done under duress!

Joan Blaeu (1596-1673). The Blaeu workshop, based in Amsterdam, produced the most magnificent atlases and maps of the period, the time in which the Netherlands was experiencing its ‘Golden Age’ in art, science and commerce. A true perfectionist, Blaeu used only the best engravers and materials, including fine paper, to produce his atlases.

In 1645 he published a county atlas of England & Wales as part of his ‘Theatrum Orbis Terrarum’ series. Each map epitomised the craftsmanship and artistry of the Blaeu workshop being finely detailed with ornate cartouches, cherubs, heraldic shields and calligraphy. Later in 1662, the maps reappeared in volume five of his ‘Atlas Maior’ which is perhaps the finest cartographic work ever produced in the history of map making.

  • This is an original copperplate engraving which has been coloured by an expert at a later date.
  • Printed area is approximately 52.3cms by 40.9cms.
  • The map is in very good condition with excellent margins. There is spot / paper imperfection to the right of the vignette of ‘Hengist’. Click on image for a better view.
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  • Guaranteed to be over 350 years old.
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