'TALLIS'S RAILWAY MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN' by John Tallis / J. Rapkin c.1855

'TALLIS'S RAILWAY MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN' by John Tallis / J. Rapkin c.1855
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A decorative, detailed and historically interesting mid 19th century railway map of Great Britain which was drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin and published in John Tallis & Co.'s The Illustrated Atlas (London & New York: c.1855). This map only appeared in later editions of the atlas and is rarer to find.

The Illustrated Atlas, published from 1849 onwards, was the last decorative world atlas. Amongst the many fine maps which appeared in this work was one showing the extensive railway network of Great Britain. The 19th century had witnessed major economic and social changes in the form of industrialisation, urbanisation and, with the development of railways, transportation. After the opening of the first major line from Stockton to Darlington in 1825, the golden age in British railway contruction began. In 1830, the Liverpool to Manchester line became the first to offer a regular timetable service for passengers. By 1838, the London to Birmingham line was opened linking the capital to a major British city. Construction was to continue at such a rate that by the time of Tallis's map, most of Britain was covered with railways with lines stretching as far as Plymouth and Swansea in the West and Aberdeen in the North. As is the case with The Illustrated Atlas, the detail and practicality of the map is contrasted with a decorative border, an attractive title and a fine vignette view relating to the subject matter.

  • This is an original steel engraving with later hand colour.
  • Printed area is approximately 54.7cms by 36.3cms (including imprint).
  • The map is in very good condition; close margins and horizontal folds, as issued. Click on image for a better view.
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  • Guaranteed to be over 160 years old.

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