'AMERIQUE SEPTENTRIONALE' (North & Central America with Republic of Texas) by Victor Levasseur c.1846

'AMERIQUE SEPTENTRIONALE' (North & Central America with Republic of Texas) by Victor Levasseur c.1846
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A very attractive, highly decorative and historically interesting 19th century map of North and Central America which was published in Victor Levasseur's Atlas National Illustré (Paris: Pelissier, 1846). At the time of the map's publication, Texas was an independent sovereign nation having achieved this in the Texan Revolution of 1835/1836 against Santa Anna's Mexico. The Republic of Mexico, itself, stretched as far as California and Nevada whilst Alaska was part of the Russian Empire. The inaccessibility of the Northern Polar regions with its fabled 'North-West Passage' is reflected in the incomplete and inaccurate depiction of this area.

Published between 1842 and 1872, Victor Levasseur's 'Atlas National' was one of the most decorative and visually striking atlases of the 19th century. The map of North and Central America exemplified this with its aesthetic and allegorical imagery. The Continents rich and varied landscapes are depicted on either side of the map which range from arctic scenery, mountains with waterfalls, lowlands and forests. A variety of flora and fauna is also shown including a polar bear, bison, elk, snakes and an alligator. In the bottom left, a European is seen negotiating with a Native American (who, interestingly, has a beard) whilst Montezuma's Temple / Pyramid can be seen in the background.

  • This is an original steel engraving with later and original (map outline) hand colour.
  • Printed area is approximately 43.5cms by 31.4cms (including title and imprints).
  • The map is in very good condition with decent margins. The map has been previously framed, as can be seen in the image, but this does not detract. Click on image for a better view.
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  • Guaranteed to be over 165 years old.