‘LINCOLN CATHEDRAL.’ (Double Page) by S. Read / I.L.N. c.1880


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An interesting 19th century wood engraved double page view of Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire which was published in The Illustrated London News* on the 31st July 1880. There is text on the reverse including a description of the Cathedral.

*First published in 1842, ‘The Illustrated London News’ (I.L.N.) was the world’s first weekly newspaper to regularly contain illustrations. It was the creation of Herbert Ingram, a Nottingham based newsagent and publisher who noticed that the sale of newspapers – such as the Weekly Dispatch – increased when they contained illustrations. Filled with an entrepreneurial zeal that was characteristic of the period, he set up an office and printing works in London. The first issue of his paper, in May 1842, sold 26,000 copies; by the 1860s this circulation had increased to over 300,000 copies, making it one of the most popular newspapers of the 19th century. Many key historical events were illustrated such as the Great Exhibition of 1851, the Crimean War and later, the Zulu and Boer Wars.

  • This is an original wood engraving with later hand colour.
  • Printed area is approximately 49.3cms by 35.2cms (including title).
  • The wood engraving is in very good condition with decent margins; centre fold, as issued.  Click on image for a better view.
  • Click on ‘Delivery Policy’ for postage costs.
  • Guaranteed to be over 135 years old.
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